Monday Motivation

13 Feb

I posted this (see below) picture on Instagram this morning & a friend responded and asked me to post something along those lines every Monday! Since I’m pretty sure I am am with the majority of people when I say, “I DREAD MONDAYS”. I thought it would be a great idea to post something inspirational every Monday. I think it will be a great way to start the week off on the right foot!!

I personally love this – It rings so true to where I am in life right now! Hope it does a lil something for you~





a Healthy Super Bowl Menu

4 Feb

I wasn't kidding.

It’s a Beautiful day in Southern Cali! Woke up at 9:30.. which may be the reason I think today is so Beautiful! Something you should know about me, I love to sleep and when I am able to sleep in, it makes the perfect difference in my day. Well, waking up in a fantastic mood inspired me to be productive. I was able to clean the house, work on some homework, fix my poor broken car, make our Super Bowl Sunday menu & shopping list and enjoy a long stroll with my man. It’s far too gorgeous out not to take in some fresh air and sunshine.

So, Nick and I will be enjoying Super Bowl in the comfort of our home. I was really hoping to get a wall mount for the last game of the season, but my finances have other more pertinent plans. I am excited to be home for the game and we will have some friends coming by so we’ve worked up a very impressive (probably overkill) menu for tomorrows game. I have to admit, I am more excited for the food than the game. I absolutely despise both the Patriots & the Giants. Talented teams with Quarterbacks who kind of make me want to throw up. (Sorry if you’re fans! I stay true to my Black & Yellow boys) Seeing that I dislike Eli a little more than Brady, I will root for the Patriots & my delicious appetizers! What do you think of our Super Bowl Menu?! Inspiration from some amazing food blogs – can you tell I love Skinny!

Our Healthy Super Bowl Menu

*Baked Parmesan Asparagus Sticks

*Turkey Santa Fe Stuffed Bell Peppers (I’ll share the recipe after I come up with it)
*Zesty Shrimp & Avo Salad w/ baked corn tortilla chips
*Turkey Meatballs w/ a spicy Asian Hoisin Sauce
*Last but not least, Nick plans to grill up some Spicy wings (he’s makes a sexy grill master)
Now do you understand why I’m more excited about the food than the game?! I really shouldn’t play down my excitement for the actual game. It is the last game of the season and I know myself well enough to know, come mid March, I will be craving some serious football action.
Wishing you all  a very Happy Super Bowl XLVI Weekend!! Hope you get that last chance football fix in! And ladies,  if you’re not into football… show off your skills in the kitchen and please the boys with some of these delicious treats!



Old Town – San Diego, Ca

30 Jan

I love days off!! Especially days off where most everyone else has to work! I am lucky to have an awesome job with a company that knows how to reward hard work. I am able to earn 1 comp day a month and I have taken full advantage of that! I hate to admit that I typically spend these rare occasions either completely vegging, running boring errands or cleaning the house. Today  was nothing like my norm. Today I spent my day off exactly how I dream a perfect day off should be! I was able to work out, pamper myself with a pedicure and spend the afternoon in Old Town, which happens to be one of my favorite spots in SD, with my favorite people- Nick & my parents.

1.30.12 - Old Town love. Favorite pottery shop, Nick and I & my two favorite men. ❤

gotta love Instagram photos.

I snagged these amazing pots for $21! I can not wait to give my succulents an upgrade!

Nick and I were able to make it home just in time for a gorgeous Sunset beach walk! I am continuously amazed by these gorgeous sunsets!

The absolute perfect way to end a perfect 3 day weekend!


Happy Monday!









Sunday Photo Post – Week 4

29 Jan

Wow, I’m naughty! What kind of boring blog only has 1 post a week. MINE?! This week was pretty wonderful….other than the overwhelming feeling of “homesick” that lingered most of the week. “Home is whenever I’m with you,” has never had a truer meaning. Nick finally came home yesterday!! We have had a very perfect and relaxing weekend together. My work week was busy but very productive and HEALTHY. Lots of gym visits and clean eating. I must say, I feel great!


1.22.12 - My shopping success - all super healthy and delicious

Monday –

1.23.12 - Baked Pesto Tomatoes for dinner. Uh-Mazing!!! So simple and delicious. Another recipe I'll have to share


1.24.12 - Dinner with my parents. Apologies for all food posts- just happens to be the most exciting thing about my day?!


1.25.12 - One of my new obsessions. Extremely over priced tea with live cultures & enzymes. Kombucha!


1.26.12 - Just me at work. I was asked if I had shopped in my grandmother's closet... I happen to love my shirt.


1.27.12 - My amazing momma came over to help me hang these beauts! Nick's dad got us the wall sconces for Christmas and my parents got us the frame. They happen to match almost perfectly! (awful quality photo)


1.28.12 - My Hunny is finally home!! We spent the gorgeous day (74 degrees and sunny) bbqing! I can't help but love this photo. My boys ❤ A perfect way to end my week!

I am looking forward to tomorrow & the upcoming week. I have no late meetings!!!..a nice day off tomorrow & a girls night planned on Wednesday. I am at the stage where I actually look forward to my next work out… so I think that’s a good point. I start week three of C25K tomorrow! =)

Enjoy your week!! Focus on you!



Sunday Photo Post – Week 3

22 Jan

I feel like this week flew by! I was lucky enough to get MLK day off of work, Tuesday was Leuc’s 3rd birthday, I had a few late meetings, spent yesterday up in Thousand Oaks for the Birthday Party and home last night to relax with my love. We found out yesterday that Nick’s uncle is not doing well, at all. His dad called and asked Nick to accompany him in a drive to Arkansas to spend some time with his family and Nick obliged. I sent my thoughts and prayers for his Uncle and my heart off with him bright and early this morning at 5am. Needless to say, I am going to be a lonely girl this week. It’s the first time spending the night (let alone 6 nights) alone in our home. Thank goodness I have some attack cats to keep me safe from harm… really, not comforting. I hate to admit it but I’m a big wuss. This coming week should be interesting… although I must say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my Sunday – cleaning, cooking, gyming & relaxing!

Here’s my week in photos –

Sunday –

1.15.12 - Billie loves sitting in the window while we're in the kitchen! She was watching me do the dishes and I was able to catch her stretching ❤



1.16.12 - Nick and I were able to catch the sunset before our dinner date! It was a perfect day off!



1.17.12 - Finished shopping for Leuc's present on his birthday. I can't get over how cute baby Toms are!

Wednesday –

1.18.12 - Was able to snap this sweet picture of Moe crossing his arms, on my way out the door for work! (I warned you there would be lots of kitty pictures!)


Thursday –

1.19.12 - My boss treated me to lunch @ Daphnes. Work has been hectic - it was a nice way to celebrate the end of the week.


Friday –

1.20.12 - I have had the worst Italian craving, I cured it with homemade Turkey Meatballs & whole wheat penne! I have to say, this was some of the best sauce I've made.


Saturday x2-

1.21.12 - Our birthday boy covered in cake!

1.21.12 pt 2 - I couldn't just choose one! I love this photo. The boys played football all afternoon and Leuc wanted a picture of his team! My father, Nick, Cousin Ryan, Birthday boy Leuc, Dale (Aunts date) & my Brother, Jonas!


Here’s to hoping this week flies by && that I keep up with my early morning work outs! Hope YOU have a wonderful week!!





Absolutely in love – Vintage Suitcase Chairs

19 Jan

I am going to tell a secret and be thankful the people I work with don’t know that I attempt to blog. You know that point in the middle of the afternoon, where your brain is so fried you can’t  think straight? I do!…and when I hit that point, I sometimes let my brain go on vacation and completely zone out on Pinterest for a good 10, cough..25…cough, mins. Today I stumbled across something I instantly fell in love with- Vintage Suitcase Chairs from ReCreate. I’ve been pretty enamored with the idea of decorating with vintage suitcases for a while now. I’ve actually had to talk myself out of one of these cute cat beds a time or two. After realizing these beauties are out of my price range, it dawned on me that this would make a fairly feasible DIY Project! I’m convinced that this will be a perfect new addition to our living room. I hope to start thrift shopping for a perfect base this weekend!  Can’t decide if I like the Teal/White or the Floral better?! What do you think?

 Wish me luck!

Oh, don’t be afraid to peak around the site for some other great ideas, which could also easily be turned into a DIY project.



And the sweet boy turns 3…

17 Jan

I can’t believe my sweet nephew, Leuc, turned 3 today! The time sure is flying faster than I imagined it would. It’s so amazing to watch children grow, especially ones close to your heart. I have enjoyed nothing more than seeing my baby nephew transform into such an intelligent little guy. I can’t imagine the love I am going to have for my own babies one day, my heart feels like it might simply burst with all the love I have for this boy. You are a blessing, Leuc Allen. I am constantly amazed at your brilliance and charm. I love you more than words can express!

Happy Birthday, Little Nugget!

Your Aunt Kirsti & Uncle Nick love you to the Moon & Back, a million times over.

Leuc on his true Birthday - 1/17/2009. Sweet as pie, right?!

Little man enjoying cake on his 1st Birthday. 1/17/2010

Shortly after his 2nd Birthday - February 2011


The biggest grin ever showing of his big boy hair cut! -January 2012