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Sunday Photo Post – Week 3

22 Jan

I feel like this week flew by! I was lucky enough to get MLK day off of work, Tuesday was Leuc’s 3rd birthday, I had a few late meetings, spent yesterday up in Thousand Oaks for the Birthday Party and home last night to relax with my love. We found out yesterday that Nick’s uncle is not doing well, at all. His dad called and asked Nick to accompany him in a drive to Arkansas to spend some time with his family and Nick obliged. I sent my thoughts and prayers for his Uncle and my heart off with him bright and early this morning at 5am. Needless to say, I am going to be a lonely girl this week. It’s the first time spending the night (let alone 6 nights) alone in our home. Thank goodness I have some attack cats to keep me safe from harm… really, not comforting. I hate to admit it but I’m a big wuss. This coming week should be interesting… although I must say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my Sunday – cleaning, cooking, gyming & relaxing!

Here’s my week in photos –

Sunday –

1.15.12 - Billie loves sitting in the window while we're in the kitchen! She was watching me do the dishes and I was able to catch her stretching ❤



1.16.12 - Nick and I were able to catch the sunset before our dinner date! It was a perfect day off!



1.17.12 - Finished shopping for Leuc's present on his birthday. I can't get over how cute baby Toms are!

Wednesday –

1.18.12 - Was able to snap this sweet picture of Moe crossing his arms, on my way out the door for work! (I warned you there would be lots of kitty pictures!)


Thursday –

1.19.12 - My boss treated me to lunch @ Daphnes. Work has been hectic - it was a nice way to celebrate the end of the week.


Friday –

1.20.12 - I have had the worst Italian craving, I cured it with homemade Turkey Meatballs & whole wheat penne! I have to say, this was some of the best sauce I've made.


Saturday x2-

1.21.12 - Our birthday boy covered in cake!

1.21.12 pt 2 - I couldn't just choose one! I love this photo. The boys played football all afternoon and Leuc wanted a picture of his team! My father, Nick, Cousin Ryan, Birthday boy Leuc, Dale (Aunts date) & my Brother, Jonas!


Here’s to hoping this week flies by && that I keep up with my early morning work outs! Hope YOU have a wonderful week!!






And the sweet boy turns 3…

17 Jan

I can’t believe my sweet nephew, Leuc, turned 3 today! The time sure is flying faster than I imagined it would. It’s so amazing to watch children grow, especially ones close to your heart. I have enjoyed nothing more than seeing my baby nephew transform into such an intelligent little guy. I can’t imagine the love I am going to have for my own babies one day, my heart feels like it might simply burst with all the love I have for this boy. You are a blessing, Leuc Allen. I am constantly amazed at your brilliance and charm. I love you more than words can express!

Happy Birthday, Little Nugget!

Your Aunt Kirsti & Uncle Nick love you to the Moon & Back, a million times over.

Leuc on his true Birthday - 1/17/2009. Sweet as pie, right?!

Little man enjoying cake on his 1st Birthday. 1/17/2010

Shortly after his 2nd Birthday - February 2011


The biggest grin ever showing of his big boy hair cut! -January 2012





22 Jun

…. Not only did I wait until the last minute to order my Dad a gift for Father’s Day (which has yet to come in the mail) and forget to bring his card to our Family BBQ (which I showed up late to).. I neglected to post on this here, the World Wide Web, how grateful I am for my Father.

Here’s to you, Dad!

You are the most incredible father!!! Thank you for working harder than any man I’ve ever known and never letting our family go without.. even if it meant late nights and extra shifts. You have shown your love in more ways than I think you even realize. I am eternally grateful for the values you’ve instilled in our family and the example you’ve been to me and everyone who comes into your life. Thank you for showing me that someone who is patient, understanding, supportive and shows unwaivering love for their spouse and family truly does exist, and even more so, thank you for teaching me I am worth all of that and more.
Thank you for supporting my decisions and taking time to comfort me when life gets rough. And one more thing…Thank you for making Nick feel welcome in this family. It means the world to me!

I love you more than words can express. I am blessed to call you my Father. I love you Daddy! ~Happy Fathers Day!!

Happy Mothers Day!

8 May

I may be biased (although I do have a fair fight) but I have been blessed with the worlds greatest mother. A woman of unwavering faith, strong values and the kindest heart you’ll ever meet. I consider myself lucky to call her my very best friend. She is the first person I ever go to for advice or with an aching heart and will always be the one person who can put me at ease. I am eternally grateful for my mother.


Happy Mothers Day to the most wonderful woman in the world. I love you endlessly Momma!

Untraditional Mothers Day…

29 Apr

Ever spend $70+ on flowers for a loved one, only to see them in the trash less than 2 weeks later. This year I am saving my money and putting more thought into my Mothers Day presents. Planning on making my mother a beautiful oversized bouquet of Poppies this year! Found these cute tutorials on Marth Stewarts website.

Giant Paper Poppies


also thought these Paper Dogwood branches were very sweet!


You can pick up an oversized vase just about anywhere (Target, TJ Maxx, Marshalls..etc.) for less than $25. Fill one up with a large bunch of either of these sweet paper concoctions and you have a gift that will be sure to leave a lasting impression on your ever so deserving Mother!

Cutest Easter Dessert to Date

21 Apr


I wish I had kiddos so I would have a reason to drop everything and make these tonight. Instead, I will race home only to debate going to the gym for a split second… then put on the most comfortable pajama pants I can find, pour myself a glass of wine, make a simple dinner and snuggle up next to my man!

BUT maybe I will find some time this weekend to make them with my sweet little nugget, Leuc! (just had to find a reason to post this picture… he is honestly.. too. cute. for. words!)


Back to the real reason of this post, I have seen some cute Easter desserts, but these take the cake….without being cake at all.  I love how you can decorate the outside however you wish to make them a little fancier or more colorful. Simply put, these just make me smile.


For the recipe which is so conveniently posted on Rice Krispies website… Click HERE