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Monday Motivation

13 Feb

I posted this (see below) picture on Instagram this morning & a friend responded and asked me to post something along those lines every Monday! Since I’m pretty sure I am am with the majority of people when I say, “I DREAD MONDAYS”. I thought it would be a great idea to post something inspirational every Monday. I think it will be a great way to start the week off on the right foot!!

I personally love this – It rings so true to where I am in life right now! Hope it does a lil something for you~





Sunday Photo Post – Week 4

29 Jan

Wow, I’m naughty! What kind of boring blog only has 1 post a week. MINE?! This week was pretty wonderful….other than the overwhelming feeling of “homesick” that lingered most of the week. “Home is whenever I’m with you,” has never had a truer meaning. Nick finally came home yesterday!! We have had a very perfect and relaxing weekend together. My work week was busy but very productive and HEALTHY. Lots of gym visits and clean eating. I must say, I feel great!


1.22.12 - My shopping success - all super healthy and delicious

Monday –

1.23.12 - Baked Pesto Tomatoes for dinner. Uh-Mazing!!! So simple and delicious. Another recipe I'll have to share


1.24.12 - Dinner with my parents. Apologies for all food posts- just happens to be the most exciting thing about my day?!


1.25.12 - One of my new obsessions. Extremely over priced tea with live cultures & enzymes. Kombucha!


1.26.12 - Just me at work. I was asked if I had shopped in my grandmother's closet... I happen to love my shirt.


1.27.12 - My amazing momma came over to help me hang these beauts! Nick's dad got us the wall sconces for Christmas and my parents got us the frame. They happen to match almost perfectly! (awful quality photo)


1.28.12 - My Hunny is finally home!! We spent the gorgeous day (74 degrees and sunny) bbqing! I can't help but love this photo. My boys ❤ A perfect way to end my week!

I am looking forward to tomorrow & the upcoming week. I have no late meetings!!!..a nice day off tomorrow & a girls night planned on Wednesday. I am at the stage where I actually look forward to my next work out… so I think that’s a good point. I start week three of C25K tomorrow! =)

Enjoy your week!! Focus on you!



Bloglovin – Love UnKreative Kirsten

16 Jan

I just came across this amazing new site, Bloglovin’. I have only been exploring around on it for the past 15 or 20 mins but I am anxious to start using it more often. It’s a mix between pinterest/facebook and your favorite blogs! I think this is everything good about internet all in one! I would feel honored if you’d add me to your Bloglovin’ –

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

C25k- Couch Potato to 5k in 2 months..

16 Jan

I’m coming to terms with reality. I have become less than pleased with my weight and it’s been “weighing” on my mind more than it should. I am bucking up and changing that. Like I said yesterday, today is a new start for me. I recently read an article about how it takes 21 days to make something a habit. That is a mere 3 weeks to turn anything unsatisfactory around. Today was my 1 in 21 to turn a number of things in my life around. I plan on working out every day for the next 3 weeks, I plan to blog for the next 20 days, I plan to eat right (no exceptions) for the next 20 days and I plan to take the time to be grateful every single day for the next 20 days and many more following that.

So this could sound extreme.. it could sound ridiculous or it could make sense. I don’t necessarily plan to work out and be a calorie counting Nazi (which I am known to become & realize it doesn’t make for fun company) for the rest of my life, but I realize I need a change and this is how I am jump starting it. Like many women, I have had an ongoing body image issues since… the 3rd grade. I realize that it only becomes easier to skip a work out or completely blow a healthy days diet, the more often you let it happen. I am planning and hoping to let these 21 days shape me into the person I want to live my life as. A happy, healthy & accomplished woman who is comfortable in her own skin.

I gave myself a little pep talk before I went to bed last night. I woke up this morning feeling great about things, I was able to get some stuff done around our house that I’ve been meaning to do for too long now, then I headed off to the gym.  After 5 uncomfortable minutes on the elliptical, I remembered a free iPhone app that a friend referred me to called Couch to 5k. I decided to put it to use. I was pleased with the layout and the friendly way it lets you ease into running 3+ miles on the regular in just 2 months. If you’ve not heard of it and have an Android or iPhone, I suggest you check it out… did I mention its FREE? I am actually really excited to put it to use. I have dedicated an early morning work out to trying day 2 of C25k, tomorrow!!


A bright note in my day - My gym finally got Stairmasters!! My old best friend and motivation to keep coming back!





Sunday Photo Post – Week 1

8 Jan

Let me just get it out of the way. I am broken hearted.. the Steelers were kicked out of the Playoffs in week one. After an impressive turn around from the first half, the Steelers went into overtime with  the Broncos at the score of 23-23. The Broncos got EXTREMELY lucky with an 80 yard touchdown in the first play of OT. Let’s all face it, the Broncos got extremely lucky!! It’s funny how people literally come out of the woodwork to rub something like this in. I am not sure if it’s because I like one of the more popular and followed teams in the NFL, or because people like to see me in misery, but it sucks. Wah!! I promise this is the end of my football misery.

If I were extremely white, potentially male & attending the game… this would be me.

Onto the true meaning of this post – One of my many Resolutions for 2012 is to take a photo a day. I thought this would be a great way to be able to look back and remember the little things throughout the year. This week I didn’t pay close attention to this task and I am not thrilled with the quality of this post but at least I have something for each day of the week!


1.1.12 - Nick and I at Midnight on New Years Eve


1.2.12 - Nick & I skunked my parents in Cribbage.


1.3.12 - Keeping true to my More Tea ~Less Coffee Reso. I replaced all afternoon coffee with Green Tea this week!


1.4.12 - Mojo & Billie posing for a sibling photo shoot.


1.5.12 - Home Mani for the Steelers Playoff Game. true fan.


1.6.12- This is where I'm cheating. Took this for shopping purposes. Two amazing wines for under $6 Nick and I enjoyed this week.


1.7.12 - Slightly obessed with this mug. It was a gift from bf for Christmas. Spent the weekend relaxing at watching football.

I can’t believe how quickly this weekend has come and gone. Back to the grind tomorrow morning! Wishing everyone a great 2nd week of 2012!



Where in the world did 2011 go?!

3 Jan
 Welcome 2012

I am so happy for a new and exciting year. Almost a little embarrassed to be blogging on here again..its been almost 6 months without a peep…but I am back!! Happy Twenty12 to everyone who happens to stop by and have a read. 2011 was pretty amazing, actually my favorite year to date but I am excited and anxious for this new year. I have a number of things I want to focus on in 2012 to better myself, my relationship and the way I view life. Here’s a list of some of my more reasonable resolutions…perhaps blogging these things will make me feel more accountable to stick to them.

 2012 Goals

*Start planning weekly menus to save time, $$ & calories.
*Fall back in love with Bikram Yoga (1x per week minimum).
* Take advantage of where we live, unwind from work with a daily beach walk w/ my handsome man.
*More Tea, Less Coffee 
* Photo a Day for the entire Year. (trendy…but I know I would love the end result)
*Stop making excuses and start making progress… this pertains to EVERYTHING
*Random Acts of Kindness
*Read More
*Explore the world of D.I.Y.

I’ve been off of work for the past 10 days. (&& it has been absolute Heaven!) I am sadly back at work today. With the big gray cloud of responsibility and late nights looming over my head, I had a “Come to Jesus” moment last night. Although work can be extremely draining and the addition of school to that busy 50+ hour work week, it has become all too easy to make excuses for myself. I am far too young with too many opportunities to not take advantage of every one that I can. I am ready to start 2012 off with a BANG!!

My favorite memories of 2011 in photo-form. 

2011 New Years Eve with my Love

Steelers SuperBowl!! We didn’t win but we made it to the big Dance!!
Moving into our very tinsy but equally sweet home.
Pittsburgh with Mom for my Gram’s 83rd Birthday!
Happy 27th Birthday to Nick! Stayed at the amazing ACE Hotel in Palm Springs.
4th of July Fireworks @ the Oceanside Pier

Our Favorite Band, J. Roddy Walston & the Business, came to the Casbah! Amazing Show!

My First Vegas Trip–Labor Day 2011
Halloween!! Nick got to choose our costumes this year –Frankenstein and his Bride ❤
Our First Christmas Tree
The blurriest NYE 2012 kiss ever.. Still a perfect memory to start an amazing year – taken exactly at midnight!!

&& probably my most favorite thing about 2011 – Adopting these two sweet peas! Mojo (orange) & Billie

Hope 2012 is the best year to date for all of us!
See you Soon.. for real this time!