Sunday Photo Post – Week 4

29 Jan

Wow, I’m naughty! What kind of boring blog only has 1 post a week. MINE?! This week was pretty wonderful….other than the overwhelming feeling of “homesick” that lingered most of the week. “Home is whenever I’m with you,” has never had a truer meaning. Nick finally came home yesterday!! We have had a very perfect and relaxing weekend together. My work week was busy but very productive and HEALTHY. Lots of gym visits and clean eating. I must say, I feel great!


1.22.12 - My shopping success - all super healthy and delicious

Monday –

1.23.12 - Baked Pesto Tomatoes for dinner. Uh-Mazing!!! So simple and delicious. Another recipe I'll have to share


1.24.12 - Dinner with my parents. Apologies for all food posts- just happens to be the most exciting thing about my day?!


1.25.12 - One of my new obsessions. Extremely over priced tea with live cultures & enzymes. Kombucha!


1.26.12 - Just me at work. I was asked if I had shopped in my grandmother's closet... I happen to love my shirt.


1.27.12 - My amazing momma came over to help me hang these beauts! Nick's dad got us the wall sconces for Christmas and my parents got us the frame. They happen to match almost perfectly! (awful quality photo)


1.28.12 - My Hunny is finally home!! We spent the gorgeous day (74 degrees and sunny) bbqing! I can't help but love this photo. My boys ❤ A perfect way to end my week!

I am looking forward to tomorrow & the upcoming week. I have no late meetings!!!..a nice day off tomorrow & a girls night planned on Wednesday. I am at the stage where I actually look forward to my next work out… so I think that’s a good point. I start week three of C25K tomorrow! =)

Enjoy your week!! Focus on you!




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