Old Town – San Diego, Ca

30 Jan

I love days off!! Especially days off where most everyone else has to work! I am lucky to have an awesome job with a company that knows how to reward hard work. I am able to earn 1 comp day a month and I have taken full advantage of that! I hate to admit that I typically spend these rare occasions either completely vegging, running boring errands or cleaning the house. Today  was nothing like my norm. Today I spent my day off exactly how I dream a perfect day off should be! I was able to work out, pamper myself with a pedicure and spend the afternoon in Old Town, which happens to be one of my favorite spots in SD, with my favorite people- Nick & my parents.

1.30.12 - Old Town love. Favorite pottery shop, Nick and I & my two favorite men. ❤

gotta love Instagram photos.

I snagged these amazing pots for $21! I can not wait to give my succulents an upgrade!

Nick and I were able to make it home just in time for a gorgeous Sunset beach walk! I am continuously amazed by these gorgeous sunsets!

The absolute perfect way to end a perfect 3 day weekend!


Happy Monday!










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