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This Woman is Genius…

28 Jan

The Pioneer Woman is hands down my favorite blog to read. She is hilarious and witty and her recipes are all divine…. well, I’ve only tried six or seven but they were fantastic. I love the way she posts her recipes! You will more than likely see a number of them displayed here on unKreative Kirsten. She is my e-mentor, and doesn’t even know it.

Well anyways. I am super excited for Super Bowl Sunday.. if you haven’t figured that out yet! I have no clue if we will be hosting a party or attending but I will be cooking!  Ree (The Pioneer Woman, we are now on a first name basis) made a new category solely for Super Bowl dishes! I am eyeing the Shrimpo de Gallo, Quesdillas de Camarones, and the Mexican Layer Dip! Check it out!
And tell me this doesn’t look D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!

Shrimp de Gallo