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And the sweet boy turns 3…

17 Jan

I can’t believe my sweet nephew, Leuc, turned 3 today! The time sure is flying faster than I imagined it would. It’s so amazing to watch children grow, especially ones close to your heart. I have enjoyed nothing more than seeing my baby nephew transform into such an intelligent little guy. I can’t imagine the love I am going to have for my own babies one day, my heart feels like it might simply burst with all the love I have for this boy. You are a blessing, Leuc Allen. I am constantly amazed at your brilliance and charm. I love you more than words can express!

Happy Birthday, Little Nugget!

Your Aunt Kirsti & Uncle Nick love you to the Moon & Back, a million times over.

Leuc on his true Birthday - 1/17/2009. Sweet as pie, right?!

Little man enjoying cake on his 1st Birthday. 1/17/2010

Shortly after his 2nd Birthday - February 2011


The biggest grin ever showing of his big boy hair cut! -January 2012