Absolutely in love – Vintage Suitcase Chairs

19 Jan

I am going to tell a secret and be thankful the people I work with don’t know that I attempt to blog. You know that point in the middle of the afternoon, where your brain is so fried you can’t  think straight? I do!…and when I hit that point, I sometimes let my brain go on vacation and completely zone out on Pinterest for a good 10, cough..25…cough, mins. Today I stumbled across something I instantly fell in love with- Vintage Suitcase Chairs from ReCreate. I’ve been pretty enamored with the idea of decorating with vintage suitcases for a while now. I’ve actually had to talk myself out of one of these cute cat beds a time or two. After realizing these beauties are out of my price range, it dawned on me that this would make a fairly feasible DIY Project! I’m convinced that this will be a perfect new addition to our living room. I hope to start thrift shopping for a perfect base this weekend!  Can’t decide if I like the Teal/White or the Floral better?! What do you think?

 Wish me luck!

Oh, don’t be afraid to peak around the site for some other great ideas, which could also easily be turned into a DIY project.




One Response to “Absolutely in love – Vintage Suitcase Chairs”

  1. Rachela Monday, 23 January, 2012 at 8:41 am #

    those are so neat! ive never seen that before!!!

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