Sunday Photo Post – Week 2

15 Jan

What a week. I have every intention of blogging during the work week.. but my days get so busy and to be honest.. they’re pretty uneventful. Monday – Friday tend to look freakishly similar . I usually have at least 1 late night meeting where I will leave at 7:30am and not get home until after 9, sometimes 10. For some reason, I can’t seem to bounce back from a late night like that. The weeks that I have 2 or 3 late meetings, you can pretty much forget counting on me for anything! Sad, but true. Just want to get that out there. I hope you don’t mistake this for me making excuses, I think it’s just me writing it out loud (does that make sense). I am starting tomorrow with a new mindset to help jump start my new year and help me keep on track with my resolutions. They say it takes 21 days to start a new habit, I am determined to put that to test!

My week, like I may have said above, was pretty busy and my time spent at home was quite, just like I like it.


1.8.12 - Sunday Breakfast. I rarely see them eat together.. I think it's pretty cute!


1.9.12- My gorgeous drive to work. It's great to start the day feeling blessed.


1.10.12- Late night meetings aren't awful when this is waiting in the crock pot when you get home. Creamy Tortellini Soup - I will be sharing this recipe!


1.11.12 - Nick & I have been enjoying our daily beach walks. I can't wait till daylight savings time rolls around so we can walk in some daylight... but these sunsets NEVER get old!


1.12.12 - Came home from an amazing dinner-date with my sweet friend Rachel, to this 'Hello Watch'. I love it! Simple and perfect for the gym! Super affordable, too!


1.13.12- Friday the 13th! Nothing out of the usual happened. I snapped a picture of Moe in one of his favorite spots... both of our kitties love the sink.


1.14.12- I'll apologize for all of my sunset photos. I am obsessed with the sky & have front row tickets to this daily event. Nick & I were able to catch the tail end of the sunset. So beautiful.

I am ready for a new week! I am lucky to have tomorrow off in honor of MLK Day! I have high hopes of productivity and a serious work out!

Hope this week treats you all the way you deserve!! Let’s focus on starting and sticking to new and healthy habits!




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