Sunday Photo Post – Week 1

8 Jan

Let me just get it out of the way. I am broken hearted.. the Steelers were kicked out of the Playoffs in week one. After an impressive turn around from the first half, the Steelers went into overtime with  the Broncos at the score of 23-23. The Broncos got EXTREMELY lucky with an 80 yard touchdown in the first play of OT. Let’s all face it, the Broncos got extremely lucky!! It’s funny how people literally come out of the woodwork to rub something like this in. I am not sure if it’s because I like one of the more popular and followed teams in the NFL, or because people like to see me in misery, but it sucks. Wah!! I promise this is the end of my football misery.

If I were extremely white, potentially male & attending the game… this would be me.

Onto the true meaning of this post – One of my many Resolutions for 2012 is to take a photo a day. I thought this would be a great way to be able to look back and remember the little things throughout the year. This week I didn’t pay close attention to this task and I am not thrilled with the quality of this post but at least I have something for each day of the week!


1.1.12 - Nick and I at Midnight on New Years Eve


1.2.12 - Nick & I skunked my parents in Cribbage.


1.3.12 - Keeping true to my More Tea ~Less Coffee Reso. I replaced all afternoon coffee with Green Tea this week!


1.4.12 - Mojo & Billie posing for a sibling photo shoot.


1.5.12 - Home Mani for the Steelers Playoff Game. true fan.


1.6.12- This is where I'm cheating. Took this for shopping purposes. Two amazing wines for under $6 Nick and I enjoyed this week.


1.7.12 - Slightly obessed with this mug. It was a gift from bf for Christmas. Spent the weekend relaxing at watching football.

I can’t believe how quickly this weekend has come and gone. Back to the grind tomorrow morning! Wishing everyone a great 2nd week of 2012!




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