Kitty Perfect

17 May

Papa and I are now truly “Mama and Papa” to this sweet little girl!!!

I am absolutely over the moon about her! She is a Seal Point Siamese mixed with Tabby, so not only gorgeous, but as soft and cuddly as they come. Maybe I am biased.. but she really has to be one of the prettiest kittens I’ve seen.. and to think up for adoption. She was rescued from a hospital in Escondido, Ca, where they Euthenize! I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind killing something so tiny, sweet and innocent!

I got the kitty bug last week and had to get a kitten asap. (I don not know why I am like this, but once something is in my head.. it’s a done deal.) I started looking online and in the PennySaver with my heart set on a RagDoll kitten, which are gorgeous cats, but it seems silly to buy a “name brand cat” when there are so many to save.

I came across an organization called “SPOT-Saving Pets One at a Time” and found a ton of babies that would melt any normal persons heart… and No, I do not consider cat haters “Normal People”, I am convinced they must be missing a chromosome somewhere in the mix. On a better note, I really encourage anyone looking for a kitten or puppy to try and exhaust their adoption options first. There are TOO many loving babies that don’t have the love and comfort of a home that they deserve.

We are naming her Billie, after the amazing Billie Holiday and as soon as she weighs enough to be fixed and can come home with us, we plan on spoiling this little joy… rotten!



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