Cake in a Jar? Sold!

19 Apr

I came across this fun recipe this morning. I am in love! I made Papa a neon “rainbow” birthday cake last year.. this just takes the same idea and makes it a little more interesting. You dont have to use the bright rainbow cake inside, although it’s appealing to show off  the vibrant colors. You can really take this idea and make it your own. I personally think the idea of cake in a jar is awesome enough in itself with or without the colors! I’m thinking….red velvet with cream cheese frosting or funfetti (my personal favorite) with some fluffy pink icing & sprinkles!!!


In my opinion, (being one who loves frosting) a pint sized mason jar is just too much cake and too little frosting. I am planning on making these in small 4 oz mason jars or even recycled baby food jars to resemble more of a cupcake. These would be perfect for any bridal/baby shower or party. I can not wait to try it out!


One Response to “Cake in a Jar? Sold!”

  1. Rachela Tuesday, 19 April, 2011 at 7:19 pm #

    that is sooooo awesome!!!!

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