15 Mar

So, its a day short of a month since I last posted. Although I love the idea of the blog, I haven’t had much to write about. Lets see.. in the past month:

  • I turned 25. That was fantastic. Spent the day in downtown San Diego with my dearest friends
  • Put a deposit on an apartment.
  • Our dear friends Nathan and Dana got hitched!! 3.5.11
  • ………

Maybe that’s why I haven’t blogged. Although I could have posted a ton of stuff to do with the wedding and pictures from my birthday. I’ve just been BUSY with the boring stuff….and packing!!

The reason for this post! wait for it…


I am overly excited. This is the first real time I am leaving the nest (not counting those 6 months I was a 19 y.o. rebel and couch surfed… my poor poor parents) and I am moving in with Papa which makes the whole experience that much more exciting!

I promise there will be pictures to come (before & after).. give me some time though. We will be settling in and enjoying the Pacific Ocean which happens to be .1 miles away according to Google Maps.

Wish me luck!


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